Elfriede on tour

elfi plane

Meet Elfriede. Elfriede is the ultimate tour pig. Over the past year, she has joined the MCO on every single tour. She has shared in many amazing experiences and, over time, forged a very special bond with the musicians of the orchestra. It is this trusting relationship that allows her close and personal access to the lives of our musicians on tour – or, more specifically, to their luggage.
On our big summer tour, Elfriede – in keeping with her piggish nature – will do some snuffling around in the musicians’ luggage, and she will present her results here.
Let’s see what she will find!


One comment

  1. ahahah!!! Elfride il maialino rosa!!!
    (sono la moglie di Rino Ghiretti il vostro bassi tuba…auguro un buon soggiorno e stupendi concerti nel vostro tour Australia/ Giappone! Siete grandiosi e mi spiace non avervi potuto seguire fin li….ma a Ferrara c’ero e siete stati grandi!
    Cari saluti!!!

    ahahahah!!!!! Elfride the pink pig…..very very nice!!!!
    ( I am Rino Ghiretti’s, tuba, wife….have a good trip in Australia and Japan!!! YOU are GREAT!!! I’am not there with you and I’m sad…but I listen you in Ferrara…Beautiful and great!!!!

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