Elfriede on tour – Episode 1

On our way from Zurich to Shanghai, Elfriede has made her first discovery! Practical pig that she is, she just started sniffing around in the bag that she was travelling in – the backpack of our project manager Maggie. Here is what she took out for us:


She found A LOT of permanent markers there. First, she thought they might be there for her amusement during the long flights but Maggie explained that she would need them all for making announcements on the flip chart at the hotel. This would actually be the most practical thing because everybody can see the schedule (and the schedule changes) when they enter the hotel. And if that doesn’t work out, Maggie uses this red thing that she is always carrying around with her (actually, just as she is carrying Elfriede herself!). But more on that in another episode…



  1. Thomas Ruge

    looks like a weight-lifter in progress….

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