First concert day in Zurich

Our tour started proper on Tuesday morning when we left Dortmund en route to Zurich. We had just played three nice concerts in our familiar NRW halls in Dortmund, Cologne and Essen, so everyone was very excited about setting off, especially as we knew we were en route to Australia.

I had had a little battle over the last few days with a throat infection but, now stuffed full of ibuprofen and antibiotics, it looked like I had everything under control. The prospect of several long haul flights within a couple of weeks with a fever was not a pleasant one, so I was in an especially happy, if slightly medication induced, mood.

We just had a small hop to Zurich to play at the magnificent Tonhalle, for the first time I think….Dvorak 9 with Daniel and an almost full house. It was a great evening only marred by a long traffic jam on the way to rehearsal but everything turned out fine. I even got to say hi to a couple of friends from Luzern who happened to be listening. It’s one of the great luxuries of the touring lifestyle, that one can often catch up with old friends wherever we are playing!

(Mark Hampson, Trombone)

Com_Mark Hampson_Credit Deniz Saylan_1


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