Kirsty Hilton about the Sydney concerts

The last few days in Sydney were such a highlight for me.
To be in my home city with MCO was amazing. Sydney turned on the good weather luckily..I had been worried about the weather for weeks!! It was round 20 degrees each day and sunny and alot of people went swimming in the ocean even though it is actually the middle of Winter!
It was really special for me to be able to show everyone my life in Sydney and for all my Sydney friends to see how special MCO is. I think everyone understands now why I do the long commute! We had 2 great concerts in the Opera House. There was a real buzz in the audience and we got a great response. My parents finally got to hear the orchestra and they loved it!
I’ve never seen everyone in such a good mood! We are all exhausted now, still suffering from jet lag and packing as much into our days here as possible. Now we are off to Melbourne where it is Mikey’s turn to show everyone around!

(Kirsty Hilton, 1st Violin)




  1. Julia

    Was such a treat to have the Mahler Chamber Orchestra here in Sydney! The orchestra was superb and it would be a pleasure to have you back again at Sydney Opera House!

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