This blog gives you the opportunity to follow the MCO summer tour to Switzerland, China, Australia and Japan with photos, reports and short videos. We travel with one conductor, three soloists, 60 musicians and nine different pieces – including Dvořák’s Symphony “From the New World”, which is being performed in almost all stops along the way and helped inspire the project’s name.


Mahler Chamber Orchestra

In its 15 years of existence, the Mahler Chamber Orchestra (MCO) has developed into one of the most artistically interesting and successful ensembles on the international classical music scene. With residences in three European countries and extensive touring throughout the world, the MCO is on the move about 200 days each year. The 45 core members of the MCO come from 20 different countries and live all over Europe. The orchestra’s residences are located in Ferrara/Italy, in North Rhine-Westphalia (a combination residence in the German cities of Dortmund, Essen, and Cologne) and at the LUCERNE FESTIVAL, where the MCO forms the core of Claudio Abbado’s LUCERNE FESTIVAL ORCHESTRA each summer.  In spring 2011, the MCO was named Cultural Ambassador of the European Union. With the MCO Academy and the education and outreach programme MCO Landings, the orchestra is increasingly involved in teaching and community work.

The Mahler Chamber Orchestra was founded in 1997 by former members of the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra who wished to continue making music together. With support from Claudio Abbado, they created their own ensemble and began to pursue their vision of an independent international orchestra that plays at the highest level. Daniel Harding is, alongside founder Claudio Abbado, the conductor who has played the most significant role in the orchestra’s history: in 1998 at the age of 22, he was named Principal Guest Conductor, and he later held the titles of Music Director and Principal Conductor. In 2011, the musicians voted unanimously to give Daniel Harding the permanent title of Conductor Laureate.

MCO 2011 at Ferrara


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